Last night I needed a hug, a last hug,before my death. I wasn’t prepared for this. I couldn’t be able to get that hug, though I searched everywhere. I did everything to get this cherished thing. But I failed. Somewhat I felt that the time was in a hurry. It tried its best to make my death as quick as possible.

Surprisingly I didn’t have any regret about my death. All the grief was about not getting that desired hug. I thought, I was a daughter, also a wife. I could be a mother too. But this death came suddenly. I didn’t get the time to resist it.

It was a rainy day,I love to call it “Barish”. I was just coming from my job, my new job with good salary. I saw them near the street,but overlooked. The mistake was that backtracking. Tease was so normal these days. I just ignored them, the persons or devils. Even that underconstrution building, seemed lovely in that barish. At least it was lovely, before that death, not death, I think I can give it a new name.So I’m saying it “Cheers”. New life,old death, not being a daughter or wife or a would be mother.

Whatever, I didn’t get that hug. A long desired hug before the “Cheers”. I miss this big world.

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